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Glen-L 14 Centerboard

Glen-L 14 Notes

Centerboard detail from plans

The centerboard should be faired as shown on the pattern sheet (similar to the rudder as shown below). A weight of approximately 11 lbs. can be attached to the bottom of the centerboard. Optionally, the centerboard weight may be a lead-filled hole approximately 30 square inches in size as shown above. If this is done, it will be necessary to groove the inside of the cut-out area so the lead will not fall out. When pouring lead, be sure safety goggles are worn. A centerboard sheave is installed as shown on Plansheet 3 of 5. Bore a 7/16″ hole for the 3/8″ centerboard pin at the point marked on the pattern. The centerboard is slipped into the slot from the bottom; use washers between the trunk sides and the centerboard, held in position with tape. The hole through the centerboard and trunk should be well sealed (epoxy resin is ideal for this). The pin is inserted through the trunk and centerboard and capped on both sides with 1/4″ plywood. The centerboard lift uses pulleys to gain a mechanical advantage in lifting the centerboard. A swivel block is mounted to the forward trunk upright near underside of the deck. The lift, which is a length of 1/4″ line, is threaded through a hole in the centerboard upright and knotted so that it will not pull out. The line is lead through the centerboard sheave and up through the swivel block mounted on the forward trunk upright, and up to the cockpit where it can be secured to a jam cleat mounted on the aft area of the centerboard trunk. Some provision should be made to lock the board in the “up” position. This can be done by drilling a hole through the trunk sides and the centerboard near the top and inserting a brass pin on a chain that can be removed when the board is lowered.

The following is an option not shown on the plans

Materials: Replace 3/4″ PW with 3 layers of 1/4″ PW.
1 Piece 1/4″ x 12″ x 12″ steel plate

Use the Centerboard pattern to cut 3 pieces from 1/4″ PW. Cut a hole to match the steel plate approx 3″ from bottom and sides. Assemble, using thickened epoxy. The steel plate will be bonded in the hole in the center layer of plywood. Fair the centerboard and finish per instructions above.

“I have a set of 14 plans and have seen your notes on using a steel plate in the centerboard. Why not use the same building method as the steel only the size of the lead piece and just pour in #9 lead shot from a shooting sport supply house, add some epoxy to hold it together and not have any rust problems ever? Lead shot usually comes in 25# bags.” – Cliff Biggs


Mast length: 20′
Boom length: 8′


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