GLEN-L 8-ball, Centerfold, Dinky, and Topper - Glen-L Boat Plans

GLEN-L 8-ball, Centerfold, Dinky, and Topper

GLEN-L 8-ball, Centerfold, Dinky, and Topper

General Hardware Locations


1. Gudgeons & Pintles (the pintle is the part with the “pin”): Locate pintles on rudder approx. 11″ apart, the long pintle on the bottom. Hold rudder to vertical centerline of transom, slip gudgeons all the way onto the pintle and mark screw hole position on transom. The rudder stop (angle) will mount to transom centerline approx. 5/8″ above top gudgeon. Use #6 RH screw, do not tighten all the way, it should easily pivot out of the way when the the rudder is installed. This piece is meant to keep the rudder from floating out.

2. Gooseneck: Slide sail on mast, attach gooseneck to the grommet near the mast, pull taught and mark screw holes.

3. Outhaul Cleat: Used to tie the outhaul line to, locate on side of the boom approx. 8-10″ forward of the aft end of boom.

4 & 8: See drawing on packing list.

5. Mainsheet blocks: Locate on bottom of the boom, one at aft end of boom forward of #9 eye strap. The second is located forward at a point convenient for the helmsman. (see #7)

6. Bow Eye: Locate on bow at a point convenient for pulling or mooring the boat.

7. Mainsheet (line): Deadend (tie) to #9 eye strap, thread through traveler block, thread through mainsheet blocks. If using Deluxe hardware kit, thread through fairlead on Mainsheet Cam Cleat. It is advisable to tie a knot in the end so that it cannot feed out of blocks if you should loose the line when under way.

9. Eye Strap: For “deadending” mainsheet. Locate on bottom of boom, close to the aft end.

10. Centerboard Pin: See plans. (not used on Topper or 8-Ball-SG)

11. Carriage Bolt (with three washers): When installing, place washers, one on either side of tiller arm, one before the nut.

12. Deluxe Kit only: Locate on seat, or blocking, or aluminum angle attached to Centerboard or daggerboard trunk.


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