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Installing a gooseneck with a wooden boom

Typical installation of a gooseneck on the boom.

This applies to the goosenecks supplied by Glen-L in our Hardware kits.












The drawing above shows a gooseneck for use on an aluminum spar. The photo to the right shows a gooseneck for a wooden mast. The gooseneck is the piece of hardware that connects the boom to the mast. The “A” portion of the gooseneck allows the boom to pivot from port to starboard. The straps (“B”) allow the boom pivot up and down… if properly installed. To install, the wooden boom is inserted between the straps and fastened in place. However, you must leave an approximate gap of 1/4″ between the end of the boom and “A”. If the boom is installed so that it butts to “A”, it will not pivot and will result in tremendous stress when the boom is let out when running with the wind. There are a variety of different possible boom configurations so hold the gooseneck in place and check to be sure that the boom does not jamb against the gooseneck before fastening.


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