Location of Glen-L 13, 14, 15 Hardware Kit items - Glen-L Boat Plans

Location of Glen-L 13, 14, 15 Hardware Kit items

GLEN-L 13, 14, and 15 Hardware Kits


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Not all parts listed are used on all designs. When using the aluminum spar some of these parts will be replaced by hardware in the spar kit. See spar instructions.
(Special Note: Centerboard Weights are no longer available,see plans for alternatives.)

1. Gudgeons & Pintles (connect the rudder to the boat, the pintle is the part with the “pin”): Locate pintles on rudder approx. 11″ apart, the long pintle on the bottom. Hold rudder to vertical centerline of transom, slip gudgeons all the way onto the pintle and mark screw hole position on transom. Note: refer to description #14; the tiller must be high enough to allow mainsheet to pass under. Bolt pintles to rudder with 10-24 round head machine screws. Fasten gudgeons to transom with 10-24 machine screws or #8 round head wood screws. The rudder stop (angle) will mount to transom centerline approx. 5/8″ above top gudgeon. Use #6 RH screw, do not tighten all the way, it should easily pivot out of the way when the the rudder is installed. This piece is meant to keep the rudder from floating out.

2. Gooseneck (connects the boom to the mast): Slide sail into mast, attach gooseneck to the grommet near the mast, pull taught and mark screw holes. Fasten with to mast with #8 x 1 1/4″ round head wood screws; to boom with 10-24 round head machine screws.

3. Outhaul & Halyard Cleats: OUTHAUL-Belays to aft lower corner (clew)of the sail to provide tension. Locate on side or bottom of the boom approx. 8″-10″ forward of the aft end. HALYARD-Locate at a convenient height above base of mast. Used to belay halyards. Fasten with #8 oval head wood screws.

4. Mast Tangs (straps used to attach shrouds to the mast): Do not install until you have the shrouds and forestay. Tape them in place and check location before drilling holes. Through bolt with 1/4″ carriage bolts.

5/17. Centerboard Pin & Washers (pivot pin for centerboard): Install per plans.

6. Centerboard Pulley/Eye Straps: Refer to plans for location. Fasten with #8 x 1 1/4″ round head wood screws.

7. Chainplates/Covers (stainless steel straps used for a variety of purposes, in this case, to connect the shrouds to the boat): It will be necessary to drill additional holes in chainplates; should stick approximately 1″ above deck level. Per instructions, attach to frame or blocking. Covers slip over chainplate and fasten with #8 screws. Requires blocking beneath deck.

8. Masthead Sheave with Pin (the halyard rides in this sheave for raising the main sail): Mount at the top of the mast per the plans.

9. Eye Strap: For “deadending” mainsheet. Locate on bottom of boom, close to the aft end.

10. Bow Plate: Locate on deck, above the breasthhook. Screw in place with #8 x 1 1/4″ (or longer) round head wood screws.

11. Jib Halyard Block with eye strap (for raising the jib sail): Fasten with #8 x 1 1/4″ round head wood screws.

12. Mainsheet blocks (for controlling the mainsheet): Locate on bottom of the boom, one at aft end of boom forward of #9 eye strap. The second is located forward at a point convenient for the helmsman. (see #7) Fasten with #8 x 1 1/4″ round head wood screws.

11/13. Centerboard Sheave: If required, install on centerboard per plans. Use 1/8″ brass or aluminum plate as shown.

14. Swivel Standup blocks on Deck Plate (for controlling the mainshhet): Mount on deck on either side of transom (blocking required). Fasten with #10 oval or flathead screws or 10-24 machine screws. The mainsheet (line) will deadend to the eye strap at the end of the boom, lead to a standup block, under tiller handle to other standup block, up to aft mainsheet block, to forward mainsheet block and down to #19 or #21.



The jib sheet (line) will be threaded through the aft grommet of the jib and tied so that equal lengths can thread through the eyes on the jib slides. When coming about, one side will be released and the other hauled in. Standard: This line must be held or tied to a cleat. Deluxe: The line is drawn into the cam cleat and released.

Standard Kit

5/6. Jib Track & Stops: The track should be located approximately where shown on plansheet #1. Fasten with #6 x 1″ pan head wood screws. Provide blocking beneath deck. Use #8 round head screws for track stops.

18. Jib Slide: The slide is mounted on the above track and can be adjusted for optimum performance.

19. Standup block for Mainsheet: Mounted on centerboard trunk with #10 oval or flat head screws.

Deluxe Kit

20. Jib Cam Cleat with Track: Mount the same as 5/6″ in standard kit. See “Determining jib sheet lead for locating hardware” from Hardware Notes Index.

21. Mainsheet Cam Cleat with Block: Mount on centerboard trunk with #10 oval or flat head screws.


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