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  1. Charles L Williams says:

    Built the super spartan for myself in 1972 want to build one for grand son 2020

  2. Joe says:

    I’ve been using Glen-L products for almost 20 years. I built a flat bottom ‘skinny’ boat fiberglassed and tunnel for shallow water with my son. I’ve still got it and it’s still in good shape. It’s the Glen-L products that made the boat so long lasting. Since my son moved on I’ve made dozens and dozens of products and given all away to kids and friends. Tables, chairs, chests, cabinets, so many more….all held together with the adhesives Glen-L sells. I just finished a ‘rustic’ box…maybe a dozen nails…..everything else is bonding agents from Glen-L.

  3. Daniel T Freniere says:

    Mini tug or cruiser with 12 knot flank, 10 knot cruise speed like the Grivit, Bullhead or Goliath? 5 knots is just not enough for me, 3-5 knot currents would render a 5 knot boat useless.

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