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Glen-L Study Plans

Typical Glen-L Study Plan Package

A Glen-L Study Plan is intended to give you a detailed overview of the design you are contemplating and help you decide if this is the boat you wish to build. The study plans are not to scale, so they shouldn’t be used to build a boat but will give you an idea of the scope of the project.
Most are printed on 11″ x 17″ paper and will include anywhere from 3 to 10 pages depending on the design. Each Study Plan will vary, but here is a listing of what may be included:
  • Large side view and deck view
  • Construction profile
  • Station sections
  • Speed chart
  • Body plan
  • Joinery profile (if available)
  • Framing profile
  • Bill of materials

A study plan is available for many of our designs over about 20 feet. To see if there is one available for a particular Glen-L design, please see our online catalog index by boat name. If a study plan isn’t listed with the other items available for the design, we don’t have one but are happy to answer any questions you may have via email.


62 Responses to Study Plans

  1. Mirek Sedlácek says:

    Good day, how much study plans to ship Sea Knight?
    Thank you and best regards, Mirek Sedlacek Czech Republic

  2. Rick DeFehr says:

    Is there a cost to getting a study boat plan? If not I am considering the sailboat GlenL 14 design if that is as close to the style Enterprse sailboat I used to own Thanksn Rick

  3. Tyler says:

    How do I get a copy of the Glen-L 14′ study plans.

    • Tyler, we don’t have a study plan for the Glen-L 14.

      • Rick DeFehr says:

        The name is Rick not Tyler I understand that no study plan exsists for the GlenL14 so my question is what is the best way to realize the scope of a project considering time, space needed, dynamics of building something from scratch. Is there a refund if the plans one orders are not practical once you learn the scope of the boat you want to build. Iam interested and appreciate the great websites you have but just a bit leary about whats involved without Hard copy of plan feasability and ultimate cost Thanks Rick in Kaleden B.C.

  4. Andre Geisser says:

    Hi Glen Team

    will you ship your plans also to Switzerland? I’m really interested to build my own boat. It always was. And it seams that I finally found a goo partner for this. My biggest wish is the Sweet Mini cruiser tug because I love the design but I woudl like to make it a big longer that there is more space to sleep and store in the driver cabin. So I’m between the Sweet mini cruiser Tug and the Titan authentic tug cruiser because of the space. What do you recommend and do you have study plans for both of it? I wonder if I can keep the design of the mini cruiser tug and build it in the sizeof the titan authentic tug.
    Please let me know if you deliver plans to Switzerland and how much it will cost me. I also would like to order the SP-430 Beginning Plywood Boat Builder Libary and 12-431 Inboard Motor Installation and 12-435 Fiberglass Boatbuilding for Amatuers. So all in all is that possible and do you have Study plans for the 2 mentioned boats?

    Many thanks for your replay in advance.


    André Geisser

    • Andre, yes we have study plans on both the Sweet 16 and the Titan Tug in our online store. We ship to Switzerland and all over the world. You can get shipping costs by entering the items you want in our shopping cart and then click on the link “click here to estimate shipping costs”. Thank you!

  5. Tim Hodges says:

    Is there a study plan for the zip runabout and if so how do I order one?

  6. Johannes Kaiser says:

    Hi Glen Team,

    I have seen your 19′ Wanderlust design on your website and I quite like it. I was just wondering what the displacement of this boat would be?

  7. Steven Edwards says:

    Do you have a study guide for the Tug Along? Attempted to find it in your online catalog, but I couldn’t.

  8. Jim Hexamer says:

    do you have study plans for the ZIP

  9. Neil Nicklin says:

    I am interested in building your Sculling Skiff- Item No 61-353.
    Are Study Plans available for this vessel ?.
    I am evaluating various boat designs at present.
    I have been involved in the sport of Rowing in my younger years and I am familiar with the characteristics and design of Racing Singles.

    Many thanks

  10. Richard Kennedy says:

    Do you have a list of the Study Plans that you DO HAVE?

    I have never built a boat but I would like to try a 14-18 Ft. fishing boat. I would like to buy a Kit if possible.

    Way back in the early 1960’s my best friends Dad built the “Swish” in his garage and I cant tell you haw many hours we spent fishing in it, but those were the BEST OF TIMES!

    • Richard–no, we don’t have a list of study plans but they are on our price list that lists the plans and patterns, study plans and kits with prices-that’s a hard-copy that I could send to you if you email me your mailing address. Otherwise, the study plans will be listed in our online store if they are available for the design in question.

  11. Eric says:

    Do you have study plans for the Wildcat EXT open cockpit design in Aluminum?

  12. Ken Jackson says:

    Do you have study plans for the 8′ Tiny Titan. If so how much? And If I buy the full plans do you discount the price of the study plans? Thanks

  13. Do you have a study plan of the Bravado Outboard Plan?

  14. MILIND TAMBE says:

    I am interested in the design pf Tango which originally is a plywood construction.

    However i was wondering of i could build it in steel with suitable modification in design(modifications through you).

    • Milind – It may be possible to build the Tango from steel since it’s designed for sheet material, although it would heavier. We don’t provide any details for building in steel and we don’t do custom design work.

  15. Glenn Manson says:

    Do you have study plans for any of your houseboat designs?

  16. Glenn manson says:

    That does not answer my question! Do you have study plans for Any of your housebat plans?

  17. Steve Toczek says:

    Can I get study plans for the Tiny Mite boat

  18. Randy says:

    How do I order a study plan for the Malahini?

  19. Tim says:

    Do you have study plans for the Flats Flyer.

  20. todd says:

    do you have a study guide for the malahini. and if so how much and how can I get it

    thanks, todd

    • No, we don’t have a Malahini study guide, Todd. Only if it is listed in our online store so we have a study plan available. You can email us and ask questions about the design if that would help. Thank you!

  21. Kelvin Franks says:

    I just purchased Plans for the Ski King. Do you have a study guide for this boat?

  22. Petro says:

    I have been dreaming about building my own Riva style runabout for many years. I finally have a little mancave workshop and an outdoor space big enough to do it. Can you help with the best way to begin and any books you could recomend would helpful.
    Kind Regards Petro

  23. Gil says:

    Are study plans available for the 16 ft. Jimbo garvey boat.

  24. Ormand Hunter says:

    Do you have study info for the “Scooter”?

  25. Richard says:

    I see the question and many times the answer is “No, we don’t have a study plan for…..fill in the blank”. Why not publish what you DO have? Maybe you did and I missed it. If so, my apology

  26. len says:

    do you have printed copies of the letters you have posted concerning using jet pump propulsion, if what is the cost and availability?

  27. wagner says:


    have you got a catalog to bought, to build a 10′ ? thank you

  28. Mike Bauer says:

    Hiya, I feel you really should have a page where all your study plans are available. Why not?

  29. Stan Hamlett says:

    I got the study plans for the Lucky Pierre Dory. Can’t find the draft or freeboard measurements. No waterline on the drawings or center of gravity. can you please help.

  30. Dan DeAngelis says:

    Do you have study plans for the Water Lodge 20′?