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Thank You For Subscribing-101

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5 Responses to Thank You For Subscribing-101

  1. jim Dunn says:

    recently had our first grandchild, I figure i’ll have time to build him a boat,
    if I hurry.

  2. jack cure says:

    I am interested in building a drift boat. I just finished a cedar strip kayak. I am not sure what size or design. I live in Michigan and the water is not to wild like out west and would like room for two guys to fish. I also would like to varnish the wood and not paint.

  3. Gene Messina says:

    I have been wanting to build a boat for, (some reason?, I know not why), quite some time. I’ve been surfing and searching for a while also and I am particularly drawn to your site. I feel like you understand us beginners and that’s why I subscribed to your newsletter. I can’t afford your books (they look great) right now but only God knows about the future.

  4. Ray Cooper says:

    Back in 1960 my brother and I built the Missile. I built the boat and my brother built up a full race Chevy Corvet engine and dropped it into the missile. WOW!!! what a blast. It would do 80 MPH in less than the quarter.Today I’m into building r/c model boats. A friend had a magazine with bits of a plan sheet so I built a model. it did scale speed and the preformance was spectacular. My brother passed away and so did the model. Now I would like to build another model but I don’t have the plans any more. All that I need is the lofting lines and I’m in business again.
    What a wonderful way to fill your retirement years.

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